The Associated Press is reporting:

“The U.S. Roman Catholic Church used a special and unprecedented exemption from federal rules to amass at least $1.4 billion in taxpayer-backed coronavirus aid, with many millions going to dioceses that have paid huge settlements or sought bankruptcy protection because of clergy sexual abuse cover-ups.”

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There’s a lot of talk about Nazi’s and Fascism today.  Most of it is inaccurate.  In segment 6, Johnny Cirucci narrates his book ‘Illuminati Unmasked’ and this section addresses the truth about these two topics.  It’s good to be informed and to realize satan’s church is far more than just a ‘church’.

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I realize this at first won’t be popular, but petitioning the U.S. Federal Government to craft and adopt an Internet Bill of Rights (#IBOR) is a VERY BAD idea.  We already have a Bill of Rights in the U.S. and within it, in the First Amendment, our right to free expression be it spoken or in print is already protected.  Many argue this doesn’t extend to print word on the Internet, but they are wrong.  So why are we then seeing so much censorship online without any reprimand from the government?

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You are no doubt painfully aware that things are not right in the U.S. economy.  Every time you pay bills, buy groceries, work your budget… money woes hang over most of us like a vulture waiting for you to die.  Depending on which lie you elect to believe the U.S. economy is either recovering or flat out robust.  Yet how many of us truly live out this scenario?  You’d have to be on a deserted island not to know the U.S. national debt is skyrocketing towards bankruptcy.  No one can seem to agree on just how bad it is but at this point it serves little purpose to argue the severity of a fatal wound such as decapitation.  However, what you’re not being told by ANY mainstream U.S. news agency is just how bad things truly are.  In fact, it’s time to take action NOW!
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