You are no doubt painfully aware that things are not right in the U.S. economy.  Every time you pay bills, buy groceries, work your budget… money woes hang over most of us like a vulture waiting for you to die.  Depending on which lie you elect to believe the U.S. economy is either recovering or flat out robust.  Yet how many of us truly live out this scenario?  You’d have to be on a deserted island not to know the U.S. national debt is skyrocketing towards bankruptcy.  No one can seem to agree on just how bad it is but at this point it serves little purpose to argue the severity of a fatal wound such as decapitation.  However, what you’re not being told by ANY mainstream U.S. news agency is just how bad things truly are.  In fact, it’s time to take action NOW!

to get at the truth one needs to take full advantage of the Internet and ferret out open source and international news agency that are reporting on the true state of the economy.  Perhaps never before in the history of the U.S. have we been in a more precarious economic situation.  The truth is out there, you just have to find it.

I stumbled on to James Corbett quite by accident a couple of years ago when searching for some documentary type listening for my workday on a 9-11 anniversary.  James began his fantastic open source news site, The Corbett Report, after coming to the conclusion that not all was quite right with the government 9-11 story.  His research in that field opened up a wealth of trails splitting off from that rabbit hole, and now he is one of the leaders in open source news.  He has explored the underpinnings of the U.S. and world economies to a great degree and has quite a lot of valuable info on his site.

Listening to James led me to discover Alfred Adask and the Internet radio broadcast Financial Survival he hosts with Melody Ceadarstrom.  I have grown over the past year to trust their commentary and that of their guests how tend to be financial insiders, those who know what’s going on.

For the past couple of years or so those who follow and understand matters of economics have been predicting a collapse of the U.S., and potentially world, economy.  Talk to someone who works at a bank or financial institution and they will quickly, without thinking, decry this as bunk.  It’s not that they are knowingly lying but that they are trained to place their trust and hope in the institutions they serve.  Yet the indicators and warn signs are all around us.

What’s Going On

This is a very difficult thing for a non-economics expert to convey.  The economic web is a complex weave of many factors creating a delicate balance that surprisingly has survived as long as it has.  There have been bumps in the road however that call attention to the nature of this.  What we all rest our livelihood and fortunes on was in fact engineered from the beginning to fail.  Does anyone know when this will happen?  Someone might, but most can’t say anything other than it’s reached a moment in time when it’s difficult to imagine it continuing for much longer.  While I site but a few specific sources on this, the voices out there that have been warning of this are numerous and far beyond the scope of this brief to list.

The U.S. currency that drives not only our economy but also world oil markets, is a fiat currency.  What this basically means is that it’s value is based on nothing more than what the issuing organization says it is.  In this case the dollar is issued by the Federal Reserve Bank (a private bank owned by the Rothschilds[1]).  Every dollar printed used to be related directly to how much gold the U.S. treasury had in it’s possession.  It was shifted from a direct relation to a false inflated relation by FDR in 1933, and then removed from any relation in 1971 by President Nixon[2].  Since then the value of the dollar relates to absolutely nothing and is randomly set by the Federal Reserve Bank largely based on how much money the stock barons want to make.

Add to this mix a national debt that has been insanely high for decades, doubled by Bush Jr. and now spiraling out of control at the hands of the socialist Obama administration.  The amount changes every minute making reporting any true number impossible, but the amount of debt the government publicly claims, seems to be only about half of the real amount based on what the Government Reporting Office and others inside are saying.  For this reason the U.S. is dangerously close to defaulting.  Of course they don’t want the general public to understand this because we might all start hording food and buying precious metals, which the controlling factions wish to reserve for themselves.  The Federal Reserve has been artificially maintaining the economy for several years now.

Meanwhile the rich are buying gold by the ton[3].  Why?  According to those who understand these things, of which I am not one, when the currency collapses to a value of nothing the only currency left of any value will be precious metals, of which gold is the canon.  I recently heard commentary that the value of gold is expected to increase by a factor of 8 should the currency collapse.

What will cause the currency to collapse?  It’s a tremendously complex and precarious house of cards.  Any one of a number of factors could trigger it.  Oil prices continuing to bottom out could trigger a stock market collapse.  The Fed going under would do it without an immediate backup to assume it’s liabilities.  Several of the large banks going under much like in 2008 could trigger it.  The U.S. defaulting would do it for sure.

On the Dec. 15, 2015 Financial Survival broadcast Alfred Adask interviewed Greg Hunter of  He had recently spoke to Rob Kirby of Kirby Analytics Newsletter.  The big news is that S&P just quietly lowered the credit rating of the biggest U.S. banks.[4] The reason he Kirby said was because the banks had a better credit rating than the U.S. government, which just cannot be.  So to hide the fact the government is perilously close to bankruptcy the had to lower the rating of the banks.  This is a warning sign!  Without extreme and immediate intervention in the current U.S. spending and debt Kirby concludes we have 4-5 months before it all comes to a head and the dollar, and economy, collapses![3]

4 to 5 months!

Based on everything I’ve been hearing for the past two years this makes perfect sense and would seem to be a reasonable conclusion.  Because of the timing of this, during the spring and summer of 2015 the attention was on the coming Shmittah at the end of Sept. which according to many was the year of Jubilee.  Being a person of faith that seemed like a perfect explanation.  Yet, nothing huge happened in Sept.  There was a minor reset in the stock market.  In actual numbers it was a large if not record breaking fall.  Yet in relation to all other things in this artificial economy it wasn’t that big of a reset.  So now what?  Is the Bible wrong?  No, that is never the case.  But men sure are wrong.  Especially with the human calendar having been manipulated over the years.  It’s also important to note that past economic turmoil has often not happened in the late Sept. time frame but at times in the following months afterward.  We are still within that time frame.  It’s also important to note that without a Temple, the year of Jubilee cannot be observed by the Jews.  Does that also eliminate the concept of a financial reset associated with it?  History would seem to indicate these rests still occur, but that is far beyond the scope of this brief.

What To Do

I repeat, I am not financial expert.  But I pay close attention to those who are, and are not associated or controlled by the financial manipulators.  Here is what I’ve gleaned over two years.

Secure Your Assets
The idea is to transfer your wealth from paper currency (which includes your savings, 401k, investments) in to assets that have value which is not tied to the fiat currency.  What are these assets?  Well, the rich are buying precious metals (gold and silver) as a hedge against a currency collapse.  I’ve heard it recommended that if you have $10,000 or more lying around that you don’t need to live on, buy gold or silver.  If you don’t then buy food and staples to live on while the currency still has some value and these things are at least somewhat affordable.  Following a currency collapse food prices will soar.  Investing in it now will be a good hedge against the outrageous prices at that time.  Yes that’s right, stockpile while you can.

Buy land if you can.  The market value of land fluctuates with the currency but if you own property outright all you need do is pay taxes to keep it.  You can live on it and even plant a garden in warm months and make it work to sustain you.  Property like precious metals will always have a value that is not entirely dependent upon a currency and in fact can increase substantially when a currency collapses.

Live Debt Free
This is not a simple task for most in this credit frenzied society.  As a dear, long gone friend I used to work with used to say, “My credit cards supplement my income.”.  He was joking by how many today live in this manner?  Many of us have grown up with the concept that if you don’t have cash in the bank that’s ok, you can buy the toys you want on credit.  Be that something small such as new clothes, a flat screen television, a car or a home.  We buy on credit so we can have what our hearts desire now, rather than waiting until we can save up for it.  Consequently most families have more than one credit card that a balance is carried on, some balances in the thousands of dollars.  Few have a car without a loan or lease on it.  Fewer still have a home without a mortgage unless they are retired.  In fact our entire society today is completely debt driven including getting credit on your taxes for credit paid, especially in the case of debt on a home.

If you’re one of many who carry debt your first step needs to be to stop accumulating more debt.  Next, pay off any debt you can while you can.  The less debt you have these less of a slave you will be to financial institutions that will call in outstanding debts to generate cash flow in dire times.  If you can, pay off your home.  Don’t buy in to the lie that it’s better to have a mortgage interest deduction on your taxes than to have no debt.  The interest deduction will put 30% back in your pocket whereas having no debt keeps 100% of the interest you pay in your pockets, rather than giving 70% to the bank.  It’s a lie.  If you have cash in savings and can pay off your mortgage or even a car loan, do so!

Pay down those credit cards and don’t carry a balance.  Once there’s no running balance start paying the balance every month.  Or better yet, if you are able to pay down and eliminate credit card debt, move to a cash based economy.  In other words, stop buying on credit, even if you pay it off every month.  When a collapse comes, your $300 dollar balance could quickly balloon to $3000 you’ll be on the hook for.  Scripture speaks to finances in many places and can be clearly summed up in Proverbs 22:7: “The rich rules over the poor, And the borrower is servant to the lender.”.

Hold Your Breath

It’s a system designed to fail, and so one day it will.  Many in the know seem to agree the time is neigh.  Is it?  We can only wait to find out.  Meanwhile if you have your debt under control or better yet paid off, all we can do is live wisely expecting it to happen.  The good news is, paying off all that debt, owing no one, having food and supplies in reserve, can’t hurt you if nothing happens.  That’s right, you’ll simply be in great shape for your future.  Continue living debt free and you’ll be slave to no banks.  And should the worst happen, you’ll be better prepared to weather the storm.

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