Whether I agree with the results, or not, I'm excited to see our electoral system on a local level still works.

Today, everyone in Indianapolis learned that yesterday the public spoke with their votes.  The incumbents were forced to listen as most of them were voted OUT.  Much speculation is being bandied about as to why voters replaced the government here.  I would venture to say it has nearly everything to do with all taxes being increased.  Out of control crime probably plays a part in these results as well.  As does secret agendas and under the table deals.  Or maybe it was because public funds (read taxes) were wasted on funding private enterprises and suddenly there wasn't enough cash left to pay for social services.  Maybe it was partly because the current administration was hell bent on making Indianapolis a major player, the new Chicago, and what we get with it is over spending, corruption, and increased crime.

The important lesson here is one for the remaining office holders and those newly elected.  Represent us, stop wasting public funds, be honest in your political ambition… OR ELSE you'll lose your job the next time the polls open.  Govnah Mitch, Brian Bosma, be very afraid.

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