Finally!  The primary's have arrived in Indiana and not a moment too soon.

Our radio and TV broadcasts have become littered with political half truths and pandering, much like Max Yasgur's farm was left after the first infamous Woodstock music festival.  It's ugly, and I for one am sick to death of it!  It has proven to be good for weight loss as it keeps one continually nauseous and unable to hold a meal down.  Especially the nasal barking from I-can't-make-up-my-mind-how-it-is Clinton.  And have you seen her lately?  How old is this woman and hasn't anyone ever taught her how to apply makeup?  If she doesn't care how bad she looks will she pay attention to the details of running a country?

The polls were JAMMED when they opened at 6AM this morning.  Yes I was there.  And waited in line for over 20 minutes.  At 6AM.  Amazing.  I'm glad to see it though.  If nothing else the divisiveness of this way-too-long campaign have stirred people out to the polls.  But I fear the backlash from the divisiveness could possibly result in bogus results.  I fear the nasal barker will win here.  Not because people actually want her in office though.  I've heard whisperings of a grassroots push to vote for her because everyone except the Clintons know she'll never beat McCain.  So word has it people are jumping sides to vote for Hillary as a way to vote for McCain.

I'm proud to say I voted against her.

Next stop, the general election, where I get the opportunity to vote against I-own-Indiana Daniels.

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