NO MORE NEW TAXES!  Stop raising taxes!  Do NOT bail out the CIB!  Let the kings of bailouts in DC do it.

When all of these giant new facilities were sold to this city the promise was they would support themselves.  They would bring untold riches worth of business here that would make the community thrive.  It would seal the future for Indianapolis.

In reality they have done nothing more than hold the residents and visitors here hostage.  They are designed to make the rich more wealthy.  They are palaces of worship to the local sports gods.  And how have they improved life here?  Our schools are all cutting back.  The hungry and homeless are more numerous today.  Our roads are deteriorating before our eyes causing more expense in tire and wheel repairs.

Our future is NOT within the walls of mammoth palaces that stand empty more than they're used.  It's in the children who are struggling to get an education in spite of constant cuts.  It's in an infrastructure that allows us to travel to jobs and shopping, that allows commerce.  It's in taking care of our indigent.  Use tax dollars to keep factories open that contribute to the tax base and employ hundreds of people instead of a few dozen rich gods.  Give those dollars to new business for the same reason.

I've been to the field house once, the dome 3 times, the convention center perhaps 12 times… I don't use them and I'm tired of paying for them!!!  I'm sure I'm not alone.  Those of us fortunate enough to still have jobs will soon no longer be able to afford to live for paying our taxes to the sports gods.  I'm tired of paying more taxes to see rows of diamonds around the necks of the gods on the evening news.  The colts organization blackmailed Indianapolis into building that horrible wart on the city, THEY should have to pay the FULL amount of the deficit.  Does Tony George demand tax dollars to stay in business?  Does he threaten to leave if he doesn't get a new track?  How about giving ME some of those tax dollars to pay for MY home?  No, none of that is possible.

This used to be a great city.  A place people wanted to live.  Now we can get away fast enough.

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