For decades, practically starting from the moment picture images were first sent flying through the ethos, television has seen a very slow but steady decline into a medium sans morals.  What used to be daring little hints of debauchery and evil has today become a blatant attack on the family and morality in the United States.

There no more denying it, television is satan’s marketing and promotion agency.

It seemed innocent enough at first with people the likes of “Uncle Milton” and Jackie Gleason pushing the edge just a bit.  In the 60’s the edge was pushed further with shows like Laugh In and Hollywood Squares.  The suddenly the carnage of war was thrust upon the unsuspecting youth with in-color reports of the ‘war’ in Vietnam were shown in living rooms across the country.  With each new push we adapted, adjusted to it, and slowly accepted it.  Archie Bunker pushed the boundaries of acceptable language and MASH turned war and blood into entertainment.  Depictions of violence increased as did the use of ‘colorful’ language.  Along the way people on the tube started wearing less clothing.  When a married couple was shown in their bedroom having a discussion or some times turning in for a night’s sleep it was in head-to-toe pajamas and in twin beds.  The clothing slowly came off and the beds became one until we got shows like FX or 2 1/2 Men.  Rather than object, we remained silent and got used to it.

Today depending on the channel you watch you’re likely to hear and see anything.  Now that the barriers of language, violence, and sex have been conquered, how could it possibly get any worse?

In the last decade and a half we’ve seen two new emerging trends.  While they seem to be independent of each other, both are clearly related in their design to destroy the family and what’s left of morality.  Those are sudden explosion of the militant LGBT movement and the blatant attacks on Christianity.


Being gay used to be hidden.  It was never discussed openly in public, much less displayed.  Today it’s paraded down main street.  It’s heralded as being not only acceptable but normal and natural.  Of course that argument crumbles in light of what truly is normal and natural based solely on procreation.  If it were natural, two people of the same sex could naturally procreate and continue the ‘species’.  Purely based on science, this is not a natural way of life.  Life ceases to exist based on this behavior.

Yet it’s the new fad.  Or is it?  In spite of the outright fabricated polls trumpeted on satan’s marketing agency (SMA), the vast majority of the American public not only are not gay, but feel it should be back in the bedroom where it belongs and off the streets.  However this majority is not in control of SMA and so because they still object the push gets more intense.  This is the current effort to destroy the family.  Why would there be a push to destroy the family?  While it’s extremely controversial and not many are talking about it, and fewer still believe it’s anything more than a wild conspiracy theory, the genesis behind this lies in eugenics[1].  Eugenics can be boiled down to the practice of population control so that only those with ‘desirable’ genetic traits are allowed to procreate.  Only the intelligent who have fewer health issues can populate the earth.  If the family unit can become a thing of the past (as in gays can’t procreate) the result is that only the chosen will be the wiser and thus be having children.  We saw this philosophy in action with Hitler’s Aryan race.  We also see it in modern day America disguised as a “woman’s right to choose” and planned parenthood which was founded by the radical eugenicist Margaret Sanger[2].

Obviously this concept is likely to be very unpopular with many.  However before drinking the (SMA) and politically correct sugary children’s drink and thus hurl insults and hate claims at me, do yourself a favor and look it up for yourself.  All of the information on this is ‘out there’ in plain sight.  There’s been no attempt to hide it in any way.  Why?  Because the blinding and dumbing down of America through television has been SO successful they know you are too brainwashed to go looking for it.  And who are ‘they’?  The globalists, the elites, the Illuminati, the banksters, the world leaders, or what ever name you may know them as.  Don’t hate me or blame me.  ‘They’ think you are too stupid and blinded by television to go looking for them.  A good starting point is The Corbett Report.

A previous attack on the family began in the 1960’s with the feminist movement.  It was the precursor for the current militant LGBT movement.  It targeted the family by turning women against men and promoting a life of being single wherein procreation wouldn’t take place.  However it quickly backfired when the newly empowered women discovered they could have sex any time and with anyone they like.  This mandated quick action by the eugenicist community which resulted in the legalization of abortion in 1973[3].


Concurrent to the attack on the family is the attack on morals, more specifically on the Christian faith.  This also started a few decades back with the removal of prayer in school and the Ten Commandments from courthouse lawns.  In the same manner as with the ‘sexual revolution’ this attack has been slowly progressing as we get used to each step that’s taken.  And in the same manner it has been accelerating during just the past decade.  We’ve seen students refused a diploma for praying at their graduation ceremony.  We’ve seen a crucifix in a jar of urine being hailed as art and funded by the federal government.  We’ve seen bakers forced out of business because they chose not to blatantly support a lifestyle they believe is wrong because of their faith.  Where those of any other faith or belief are protected from so-called hate speech from Christians, Christians not only do not receive that same level of protection but are instead recipients of hate and bias.  It has become such a common daily occurrence that it’s no longer even questioned.  While these actions are dramatically increasing in number the reverse is true for opposing beliefs.  A recent example as reported by Act For America is how the school district in Kent, Washington removed all pork products to accommodate Muslim dietary needs.  The attacks on the family are also attacks on the fundamental beliefs of Christians and therefore also attacks on faith.

The Next Step

What does this have to do with television?  Television (again, the SMA) is the mass indoctrination medium where the next step in campaign appears first, or is amped up to the next level.  Just this year in 2016 two new shows have appeared that intensify the attacks.

FOX describes it’s new offering Lucifer as “Upon leaving hell, Lucifer Morningstar retreats to Los Angeles for a more exciting life.”  After which he becomes a good guy crime fighter.  Of course he does.  What else would the father of all lies and evil want to be pictured as?  Of course he’s a good guy and your next best friend.  This of course is not only insulting to the faith of a Christian, but serves to paint Christians as idiots in believing satan to be nothing but pure evil.

ABC/Disney is going for both faith and family with The Real O’Neals where the main character is an outspoken gay teenage boy being raised in a Catholic family, who’s parents are divorcing, and his sister steals from charities.  Yet it doesn’t stop there as the show is laced with foul language and insults directed towards the Christian faith, in this case Catholics in particular.  This is painted as a “normal” or “typical” Catholic family.  It’s somewhat surprising to see them attacking Catholics, being the most politically powerful of all organized churches.  Yet it’s still a black eye for the Christian faith and the family.  The producer is the Christian hating, pro-LGBT, foul mouthed Dan Savage, who claims this show is loosely based on his own life.  If that’s the case it makes me feel sorry for this man who is clearly lashing out in anger as the child who was obviously abused and never had anyone help him overcome his anger.

Admittedly I have not, nor will I watch such filth, but enough people have reported on it that we don’t need to.

The bottom line is we need to turn off the television and stop inviting it’s poisonous lies and manipulation into the privacy of our homes.  This is the first step in protecting ourselves.  Then we need to speak out against the trash and the lies and be proactive at informing those around us.  We also need to stop enabling the companies that produce and support this garbage by not giving them our attention or our business.  This needs to start with Disney which has become one of the largest peddlers of this filth under the guise of family friendly.

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