On November 20, 2017 the Express, a media outlet in the U.K., published this article stating that Irish Catholic priest Father Desmond O’Donnell essentially told the Belfast Telegraph Christians should stop using the word Christmas because it has been hijacked by “Santa and reindeer”.  This is a classic case of the pot calling kettle black.

For the uninitiated who may wonder why I make that statement, it is well documented, albeit not often discussed or publicized, the Roman Catholic Church invented the holiday referred to as Christmas.  Not only is the holiday a hijacked Celtic/pagan celebration, but it has no real significance to Christianity or the birth of Christ in any way.  The traditions of modern Christmas such as the yule log, decorated tree, eating tree nuts, are lifted directly from the Celtic festival.  The name Christmas itself is a contraction of the Roman Catholic Christ Mass.  And the December 25th date was the general time when the pagans celebrated the birth of their sun god, rather than the actual date Christ was born which is not recorded although could have been in either the spring of fall and not winter.

But all of this is so well documented already it serves no purpose to reiterate it here, but rather to implore you the reader to do a simple search online on “origin of Christmas”.  To get unfiltered results use a search engine like DuckDuckGo, StartPage or Quaint.  Here are a few links to get you started:

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The bottom line here is the silliness of any representative of the RCC to claim Christmas has been hijacked from the supposed real celebration of the birth of Christ when in fact it was a complete fabrication and intentional misleading of the flock all along.

The bigger question is, by participating in the holiday, even if we as Christians attach no more significance of faith to it than we do say Independence Day, are we in fact worshiping false idols at the behest of the harlot, and in doing so insulting the One and True GOD?

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