The title for this post will probably not surprise many.  The origin of christmas is well researched and the information is widely available.  However you won’t find it in very many churches.  In spite of many protestant churches taking a ‘hard stance’ against the practices of the Roman church calling itself catholic, in reality most of these churches still practice rituals of the Roman church, and among the most popular is christmas.

Christmas and easter are the two most common rituals all Christians and non-Roman churches should run away from as fast as they can, as they directly break the first two of YHWH’s commandments relating to false gods.  With christmas it’s virtually everything having to do with the celebration, from the yule log to the tree to the christmas spirit to, well, everything.

What does this have to do with the ‘church’ in Rome?  In a nutshell, they hijacked an old pagan sun/sun god worship festival and called it the birthday of the Messiah.  In the process they also attached one of their saints to it, and over the years it’s taken on more pagan and satanic symbolism and worship.  Today it promotes idol worship, spiritualism, and magic.  Does this sound like something the one and only true church of YHWH would do?  Of course not, and it’s but one of the multitude of reasons the Roman Catholic church is a tool of satan.

This is VERY well documented and easily found online, so it wouldn’t benefit anyone or be a good use of my time for me to attempt to lay it out here.  But I will list a few good resources for you to look at.

The United Church of God has a good introduction on this in ‘Christmas The Untold Story‘.  This was probably the first exposure I had on this topic.  It never came from the non-denominational churches I attended.

There is a sermon titled ‘Christmas: Christian or Pagan?’ by Pastor Jim McClarty of Grace Christian Assembly available on youtube.  It’s typically found in 7 parts.  An example can be found HERE, but if that link stops working you can search and find it posted by many others.  It’s a good introduction on this topic.

119 Ministries is a very good and helpful resource in finding truth and ditching the Romans, including some on christmas traditions.

Controversial Pastor Michael Rood also has several teachings on christmas on youtube.

Even the History Channel doesn’t try to hide the truth of it.

Search out other resources online for yourself.  Beware of the source as there is an abundance of bad information out there as well.  And ALWAYS pray and ask YHWH to guide you in your search for His truth.

In Conclusion
Observing pagan rituals and worshiping idols, I believe, could very well jeopardize our salvation.  We are talking the first two commandments after all.  Not keeping the commandments out of ignorance may not be a salvation issue, but doing so in full awareness could be.  Not salvation by works, but Yahshua said if you love Him keep His commandments.  This point I have no desire to argue or debate.  You decide.

Yet now you know.  And with knowledge comes our responsibility to act.  Do we act out of willful disobedience and keep the pagan practices, or do we act on our knowledge and out of love for YHWH and walk away from christmas?  The choice is yours.  May YHWH bless you and lead you to honor His will.

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